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Are you looking for the best internet offers and packages for your Banglalink SIM? Look no further! In this article, we’ll cover the latest Banglalink internet offers & packages and various offers for new and bondho (inactive) SIMs.

Banglalink is one of the leading mobile operators in Bangladesh, offering a wide range of internet packages to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. From short-term data plans to long-term offers with free minutes, there’s something for everyone. So, whether you’re a new Banglalink customer or looking to reactivate your bondho SIM, read on to find out about the latest internet offers and packages in 2023.

Tips: Maximize your internet connectivity by properly configuring your Banglalink APN settings.

Banglalink Internet Offer & Package, BL Recharge MB , new sim and bondho sim Offer

If you’re looking for small data packs for short-term use, Banglalink has got you covered. These mini data packs are designed for customers who need internet access for a brief period and do not want to subscribe to a long-term data plan.

DataValidityPriceActivation Code
100 MB3 DaysTk. 9Dial *121*9#
200 MB3 DaysTk. 18Dial *121*18#
200 MB15 DaysTk. 63Dial *121*63#
300 MB3 DaysTk. 19Dial *121*19#
300 MB30 DaysTk. 76Dial *121*76#
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If you’re a Banglalink user looking for a flexible and affordable internet package, Banglalink’s Regular Data Packs may be just what you need. These packages offer a range of options with different validity periods and data allowances to suit your specific needs and budget.

DataValidityPriceActivation Code
512 MB7 DaysTk. 51Dial *121*51#
512 MB15 DaysTk. 91Dial *121*91#
512 MB30 DaysTk. 123Dial *121*1123#
1 GB3 DaysTk. 42Dial *121*42#
1 GB3 DaysTk. 42Dial *121*42#
1.5 GB30 DaysTk. 209Dial *121*209#
2 GB3 DaysTk. 58Dial *121*58#
2 GB15 DaysTk. 194Dial *121*1194#
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For heavy internet users, Banglalink’s Large Data Packs offer a convenient and cost-effective solution. These packages are ideal for users who need a large amount of data for streaming, gaming, or downloading large files.

DataValidityPriceActivation Code
2 GB7 DaysTk. 114Dial *121*114#
2 GB7 DaysTk. 114Dial *121*114#
3 GB30 DaysTk. 249Dial *121*249#
3 GB3 DaysTk. 68Dial *121*68#
3 GB7 DaysTk. 122Dial *121*122#
3 GB15 DaysTk. 204Dial *121*1204#
8 GB3 DaysTk. 89Dial *121*89#
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For heavy internet users, Banglalink’s Extra Large Data Packs offer generous data allowances with longer validity periods. These packages are perfect for those who need to stay connected for longer periods of time without worrying about running out of data.

DataValidityPriceActivation Code
11 GB7 DaysTk. 149Dial *121*149#
11 GB15 DaysTk. 208Dial *121*208#
15 GB30 DaysTk. 399Dial *121*399#
25 GB30 DaysTk. 449Dial *121*449#
30 GB7 DaysTk. 199Dial *121*199#
35 GB30 DaysTk. 499Dial *121*499#
35 GB15 DaysTk. 462Dial *121*462#
50 GB15 DaysTk. 512Dial *121*512#
60 GB15 DaysTk. 542Dial *121*542#
60 GB30 DaysTk. 699Dial *121*699#
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Banglalink understands that not everyone needs a traditional internet package with data allowances and validity periods. That’s why they offer Social & Toffee Pack Family packages, which are designed for those who use specific social media apps frequently. These packages provide data access to popular social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and more, without the need for a traditional data package.

DataValidityPriceActivation Code
1 GB3 DaysTk. 29Dial *121*1329#
2 GB7 DaysTk. 46Dial *121*46#
3 GB30 DaysTk. 99 Dial *121*1999#
4 GB15 DaysTk. 76Dial *121*1676#
5 GB30 DaysTk. 96Dial *121*96#
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Banglalink’s bundle packages provide a convenient way for users to access both voice and data services at a discounted price. These packages are perfect for those who need a little bit of everything, with options ranging from light bundles to heavy bundles depending on your usage needs. In this segment, we’ll explore the different bundle packages available on Banglalink, including both light and heavy bundle packs, and help you determine which one is the best fit for your usage requirements.

Lite Bundle Family

Check out the plans below and select the desired one.

DataMinutesValidityPriceActivation Code
200 MB20 min30 DaysTk. 138Dial *121*6138#
200 MB20 min7 DaysTk. 72Dial *121*6072#
200 MB20 min15 DaysTk. 105Dial *121*6105#
300 MB30 min7 DaysTk. 82Dial *121*6082#
300 MB30 min15 DaysTk. 115Dial *121*6115#
300 MB30 min30 DaysTk. 145Dial *121*6145#
1 GB30 min7 DaysTk. 124Dial *121*124#
1 GB30 min15 DaysTk. 142Dial *121*142#

Heavy Bundle Family

Here’s the list including all plans:

DataMinutesValidityPriceActivation Code
512 MB30 min30 DaysTk. 158Dial *121*158#
4 GB150 min3 DaysTk. 95Dial *121*95#
4 GB150 min7 DaysTk. 110Dial *121*110#
4 GB150 min30 DaysTk. 248Dial *121*248#
5.0 GB150 min7 DaysTk. 148Dial *121*148#
8 GB200 min15 DaysTk. 273Dial *121*273#
8 GB200 min30 DaysTk. 348Dial *121*348#
12 GB450 min30 DaysTk. 398Dial *121*398#
15 GB350 min15 DaysTk. 473Dial *121*473#
20 GB400 min30 DaysTk. 598Dial *121*598#
20 GB400 min15 DaysTk. 573Dial *121*573#
30 GB700 min30 DaysTk. 698Dial *121*698#
30 GB700 min15 DaysTk. 673Dial *121*673#
40 GB800 min30 DaysTk. 798Dial *121*798#
40 GB800 min15 DaysTk. 755Dial *121*755#
50 GB1000 min30 DaysTk. 898Dial *121*898#
50 GB1000 min15 DaysTk. 816Dial *121*816#
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In addition to internet packages, Banglalink also offers a range of voice plans that provide customers with cost-effective solutions for their calling needs. These voice plans are perfect for those who need to make frequent calls without worrying about expensive call rates.

VoiceValidityPriceActivation Code
250 min30 DaysTk. 168Dial *121*168#
670 min30 DaysTk. 407Dial *121*407#
1000 min30 DaysTk. 607Dial *121*607#
55 min4 DaysTk. 37Dial *121*37#
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27GB of Year-long Internet with New Banglalink SIM!

If you’re a new Banglalink customer, you’re in luck! Banglalink offers a range of exciting new SIM offers that provide customers with great value for their money. These offers include a variety of internet packages, voice plans, and other benefits that are designed to make your experience as a new customer as enjoyable as possible.

Experience incredible offers when you recharge Tk. 48 or 81 for the first time on your new Banglalink connection, the fastest mobile network in Bangladesh!

By purchasing a new Banglalink SIM and recharging Tk. 48, you’ll instantly receive a bonus of 5GB internet, 40 minutes, and have the opportunity to enjoy up to 22GB internet over the next 11 months. Additionally, you’ll benefit from a special call rate of 69paisa/Min (exclusive of taxes) to any operator. To explore more about the exclusive offers available for your new SIM, simply dial *121*300#.

Alternatively, by purchasing a new Banglalink SIM and recharging Tk. 81, you’ll receive an instant bonus of 10GB internet, 100 minutes, and the chance to enjoy up to 22GB internet over the next 11 months. Just like the previous offer, you’ll also benefit from a special call rate of 69paisa/Min (exclusive of taxes) to any operator. Dial *121*300# to discover more about the special offers awaiting your new SIM.

It’s important to note that these offers are applicable for prepaid customers who have activated their connection on or after March 31, 2023, and have made their first recharge of Tk. 48 or 81.

2GB Every Month

  • Upon the first-time recharge of Tk. 48 or 81, a customer becomes eligible for-
  • A special internet pack of 2GB (validity 7 days), which can only be availed through recharge or USSD dial *121*300#
  • Price of this pack is TK. 18 including VAT, SD & SC
  • The pack can be availed once every 30 days (from the first recharge of Tk. 48 or 81 starting from the 30th day of activation), up to 11 times.
  • A customer can avail up to 22GB through this recharge or USSD dialing

Don’t miss out on these amazing opportunities to enjoy a fantastic new Banglalink connection. Grab your SIM, recharge, and embark on a seamless mobile experience today!

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If you have an inactive Banglalink SIM and are looking to reactivate it, you’re in luck! Banglalink offers a variety of Bondho SIM offers designed to provide great value and benefits to their customers. These offers include data, voice, and SMS packages, as well as exciting bonuses and discounts.

DataMinutesValidityPrice (Tk.)
6GB7 days68
10GB20030 days198
5GB15030 days118
3GB7 days49
8515 days57
2GB30 days29


In conclusion, Banglalink provides a wide range of internet offers and packages to cater to the diverse needs of their customers. Whether you’re a heavy internet user or just need a small data plan, Banglalink has a package that’s right for you. In this article, we’ve explored the latest internet offers and packages available on Banglalink, including Regular Data Packs, Extra Large Data Packs, Social & Toffee Pack Family, and Voice Plans. We’ve also covered Bondho SIM offers designed to provide great value and benefits to those looking to reactivate their inactive Banglalink SIMs. So, whatever your internet or calling needs, Banglalink has you covered with affordable and flexible packages.

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