Airtel BD Internet Offer and Package 2023 | Recharge Offer, MB Pack, etc

Airtel BD Internet Offer and Package

In the age of digital communication, access to the internet has become a necessity for people from all walks of life. To meet this growing demand for internet services, telecommunication companies are constantly striving to provide attractive and affordable internet packages to their customers. Among these companies, Airtel Bangladesh has emerged as a popular choice for many users. Whether it’s for personal or professional use, Airtel Bangladesh’s internet packages are designed to cater to the needs of every user. In this article, we will delve into some of the most popular Airtel BD internet offers, recharge offers, bundle offers, and Social packs 2023, so that you can make an informed decision when choosing your next internet package.

Airtel BD Internet Offers and Packages

Airtel BD has a variety of packages to suit your needs. Here you can explore some of the popular internet offers and choose the package that fits your requirements and budget. Before you buy data packs, don’t forget to configure Airtel BD APN Settings on your Android or iOS device.

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3 days packs

InternetPrice BDTValidity USSD
512 MB + 100 MB29 3 days *123*029#
1.4 GB49 3 days*123*049#
712 MB383 days *123*038#
1.5 GB573 Days*123*057#
2 GB633 Days*123*101#
2.5 GB 683 days*123*068#
3 GB763 Days *123*076
Recharge 76 BDT
5 GB893 Days*123*089#
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Weekly Packs

InternetPrice BDTValidityUSSD
1 GB617 days*123*79#
2.5 GB1297 days*123*129#
6 GB1647 daysRecharge 164
8 GB1487 days*123*168#
16 GB1787 days*123*148#
Recharge 178 BDT
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Monthly Packs

InternetPrice BDTValidityUSSD
612 MB13230 days*123*132#
5 GB 34430 DaysRecharge 344 BDT
6 GB29930 days*123*249#
15 GB39930 Days*123*399#
16 GB
Free ErosNow & Shadhin Subscription
49730 Days*123*497#
45 GB59830 days*123*449#
50 GB69830 daysRecharge 698

**Note: Airtel Bangladesh offers a unique feature that allows customers to check their personalized offers through the “My offer” option on the My Airtel mobile application. By using this feature, customers can view a list of exclusive offers tailored to their communication needs.
In addition to this, the app also enables users to customize their internet plans by selecting the desired amount of data, validity period, and other options according to their preferences.

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Airtel BD Bundle Offers and Packages

Airtel Bangladesh offers a range of bundle packages that combine various services like internet, voice calls, and SMS in a single package. These bundle offers are designed to provide customers with a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for their communication needs. Here are some you can explore:

Internet+MinPrice BDTValidityUSSD
700 MB + 15 Min363 days*123*497#
Recharge 36 BDT
1 GB + 10 Min443 days*123*044#
1 GB + 1000 Mins6013 days*123*0601#
Recharge 601 BDT
1 GB + 1000 Min60315 Days*123*0603#
1.5 GB + 25 Min673 Days*123*067#
Reacharge 67 BDT
1.5 GB +100 Min1497 daysRecharge 149 Taka
1 GB + 1000 Min6027 Days*123*0602#
1.5 GB + 25 Min987 days*123*098#
Recharge 98 BDT
2 GB + 30 Min793 daysRecharge 79 BDT
2 GB + 30 Min24930 days*123*249#
3 GB + 100 Min26930 days*123*269#
Recharge 269 BDT
4 GB + 475 Min2933 Days*123*293#
4 GB + 475 Min2957 Days*123*295#
4 GB + 475 Min29715 Days*123*297#
4 GB + 475 Min29830 days*123*0298#
Recharge 298 BDT
5 GB + 150 Min29730 Days*123*297#
Recharge 297 BDT
6 GB + 200 Min34830 days*123*348#
Recharge 348 BDT
8 GB + 200 Min39730 Days*123*397#
Recharge 397 BDT
12 GB + 300 Min49930 daysRecharge 499 BDT
15GB + 350 Min548 30 days Recharge 548 Taka
18 GB + 400 Min59930 Days*123*598#
Recharge 599 BDT
25 GB + 500 Min64830 days*123*648#
Recharge 648 Taka
30 GB + 600 Min71930 days*123*719#
Recharge 719 BDT
40 GB + 600 Min
ErosNow & Shadhin Subscription
79930 Days*123*799#
Recharge 799 BDT
40 GB +700 Min89930 DaysRecharge 899 Taka
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Airtel BD Special Internet Packs

Airtel is now offering an exciting range of internet packs that provide a flexible combination of both internet and entertainment.

OfferPrice BDTBuy
4 GB + 150 Mins149Click to buy
6 GB164Click to buy
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Airtel BD Social Pack

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives, and we rely on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Imo to stay connected with our friends and family. Airtel Bangladesh has introduced a new internet package called the Airtel BD Social Pack, which offers a combination of data for Facebook and Instagram usage.

InternetPrice BDTValidityUSSD
512 MB FB + Insta123 Days*123*012#
Recharge 12
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Airtel BD Unlimited Packs

For those who heavily rely on the internet for their day-to-day activities, having an unlimited data package is essential. Airtel Bangladesh has introduced a range of unlimited data packs that cater to the needs of such users. These Airtel BD unlimited packs offer an uninterrupted internet experience for a fixed price.

OfferUSSDPrice BDTValidity
Unlimited Pack Dial *123*0002# or Recharge (31tk)314.5 hours (12.01 am-6.00 am)
3 hours (6.01 am -12.00 am)
Unlimited Pack Dial *123*0001# or Recharge (17tk)171.5 hours (12.01 am-6.00 am)
1 hours (6.01 am -12.00 am)
10 GBDial *123*444# or Recharge (444 Tk)444Unlimited (11 Years)
20 GBDial *123*777# or Recharge (777 Tk)777Unlimited (11 Years)
30 GB (Everyday 3 GB)Dial *123*1111# or Recharge (379 Tk)37930 Days
150 GB (Everyday 5 GB)Dial *123*1113# or Recharge (998 Tk)998 30 Days
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Airtel BD Prepaid New Sim Offers

Airtel BD’s new sim offer for prepaid customers includes free internet, bonus talk time, and SMS. It’s a cost-effective way to experience Airtel’s network.

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New SIM Regular Offers

The following information outlines the connection price and startup features:

SIM price (MRP)BDT 250
Preload AmountBDT 5 with 90 days validity (*778# or *1#)
Landing TariffTk1.49/min, 10-sec pulse

(IF) First 41 taka recharge within 30 days from the day of Activation:

Main AccountBDT 24 
Minute20 minute 10 days validity
Data3 GB 7 days validity
Rate CutterTk1.49/min, 10-sec pulse

(or IF) First 82 taka recharge within 30 days from the day of Activation:

Main AccountBDT 5 
Minute100 minute 15 days validity
Data6 GB  15 days validity
Rate CutterTk1.49/min, 10-sec pulse
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New SIM Digital Offers

The following information outlines the connection price and startup features:

SIM price (MRP)BDT 250
Preload AmountBDT 25 with 90 days validity
Preload Data10 GB 30 days validity
Landing Tariff75 paisa per min, 1 sec pulse
Rate CutterTk1.49/min, 10-sec pulse
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Airtel BD Bondho Sim Offers

Don’t miss out on the exciting recharge offer from Airtel Bangladesh for activating your Bondho SIM! By returning to Airtel, the #1 network of friends, you can enjoy this exclusive offer. To find out if you’re eligible for the offer, simply dial *888# or *8050#.

Recharge BDTBenefitsValidity
18 30 MINUTE7 Days
34 55 MINUTE15 Days
37 3GB + 30Min + 48 PAISA/Min(Data + Min) 7 Days,
Rate Cutter 30 Days
46 75 Min30 Days
77 8 GB7 Days
119 6 GB + 120 Min30 Days
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How to Check Airtel BD Data (MB)

To check your remaining data (MB) balance on Airtel Bangladesh, all you need to do is dial *3# from your phone.


In conclusion, Airtel Bangladesh provides a wide range of internet offers, bundle offers, and other packages to meet the diverse communication needs of its customers. Whether you’re looking for unlimited data packages or combination packs with voice calls and SMS, Airtel BD has something to offer for everyone.

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