Gomo Singapore Data and Roaming Plan with Promo Code | Overseas, 5G, SIM Only Mobile Plans

Gomo Singapore Data and Roaming Plan with Promo Code | Overseas, 5G, SIM Only Mobile Plans

GOMO Singapore is a mobile service offered by Singtel, one of Singapore’s major telecommunications companies. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the world of GOMO Singapore and their fantastic data and roaming plans, including how to snag some extra savings with a promo code. Say goodbye to contracts and hello to a new era of freedom in mobile communication. Let’s get started!

Tips: It’s essential to configure your Gomo Singapore APN Settings to maintain a consistent and smooth connection.

Gomo Plans

Gomo offers three plans for their customers. Check the details below and choose your desired plan.

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Local Plan

Gomo Local Plans

Every plan comes with the benefit of not being charged for incoming calls and having caller ID. You will be billed automatically every 30 days for the plan.

Promo CodeDataTalk & TextOther BenefitsCost
*First 6 mths, 50GB thereafter
*First 6 mths, 80GB thereafter
GOMO10DEAL10 GB100 MINS + 100 SMSn/a$10.09
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Neighbor’s Plan

This plan provides data you can use both within your local area and when you’re overseas! It includes free incoming calls, caller ID, and Singtel Trip Protect.

Promo CodeDataRoaming DataTalk & TextOther BenefitsCost
GOMONEIGHBOURS100GB5GB roaming data (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand)500 mins + 500 SMS100GB local data with 5G speed$30.28
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5G Plan

Gomo 5G Plans

Now you can feel the super-fast speeds, minimal delay, and improved bandwidth with GOMO’s 5G plan.

Promo CodeDataExtra BenefitsTalk & TextCost
 GOMO5GTOP200GB80 GB with bonus 120GB for first 6 months.
Rollover up to 100GB with 5G.
Free incoming calls & caller ID.
1,000 MINS & SMS$25.23
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Gomo Add-Ons

Here are the all add-on plans that are provided by Gomo. See the details below:

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Travel effortlessly to as many as 50 different places using Gomo’s Roam More Destination packs. Prices begin from just $6. You can join by signing up through your GOMO app!

Plan NameDataValidityCost
Asia Pack – 15 Destinations4GB15 Days$15
Asia Pack – 15 Destinations1GB5 Days$6
Worldwide Pack – 50 Destinations4GB15 Days$30
Worldwide Pack – 50 Destinations1GB7 Days$12


Now, for the very first time, you can enjoy the affordability of local data prices while benefiting from the ease of a data-only roaming plan! Starting at just $5, you can join by signing up through your GOMO app!


  • 10GB for 14 days at $10
  • 4GB for 7 days at $5


  • 15GB for 15 days at $19
  • 7GB for 7 days at $10


  • 100 GB for 7 days at $14
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You can include a Data Pump with 10GB of data, 100 minutes of talk-time, and 100 SMS. Just go to your GOMO app and buy it for just $10.09!

DataTalk & TextValidityCost
10GB100 mins + 100 SMS30 Days $10.09

So, there you have it – GOMO Singapore’s fantastic mobile plans and cool promo codes. Stay connected, travel, and enjoy 5G with ease. Don’t miss out on these deals!

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