Kogan Mobile Plans 2024 : Prepaid Plan, Add-on & International Roaming

Looking for mobile plans with Kogan? I’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll check out Kogan Mobile’s prepaid plans, add-ons, and international roaming. Let’s get started!

Kogan Mobile Plans : Prepaid Plan, Add-on & International Roaming

Kogan Mobile is a mobile phone service provider offering affordable prepaid plans in Australia. They provide customers with the option to bring their own number, offer generous data allowances, and support eSIM technology.

Besides, take a moment to set up your Kogan Mobile APN Settings to optimize your connection experience.

Kogan Mobile Prepaid Plans

Kogan Mobile Prepaid Plans

Kogan Mobile prepaid plans offers plans with validity of 30 days and 365 days along with some featured plans.

Featured Plans : Hot Deals 🔥

The table shows the featured plans offered by Kogan Mobile.

PromoDataTalk & TextValidityPurchaseCost
Monthly Medium40 GB Unlimited Standard calls & texts30 DaysHere$15 (New Customer Offer)
For first month, $25 thereafter
Monthly Large80 GB Unlimited Standard calls & texts30 DaysHere$25 (New Customer Offer)
For first month, $40 thereafter
365 Days Small120GB Unlimited Standard calls & texts365 DaysHere$99

365 Days Plans

If you need data with a year validity, choose a plan from Kogan Mobile 365 days plans. The plans also include unlimited calls & texts facility.

PromoDataTalk & TextPurchaseCost
Small120 GB Unlimited Standard calls & textsHere$99
Medium200 GB Unlimited Standard calls & textsHere$180
Large300 GB Unlimited Standard calls & textsHere$270
Extra Large500 GB Unlimited Standard calls & textsHere$300

Monthly Plans

Kogan Mobile monthly plans offers vast data with unlimited texts and calls feature. Choose the perfect plan for your needs.

PromoDataTalk & TextPurchaseCost
Small10 GB Unlimited Standard calls & textsHere$15
Medium40 GB Unlimited Standard calls & textsHere$15
Large80 GB Unlimited Standard calls & textsHere$25

Kogan Mobile Add-ons

Kogan Mobile Add-ons

If you need more data, minute and SMS, Kogan mobile is with you with their add-ons. They have two add-on options: International Roaming Packs and Data Pack add-ons.

International Roaming Packs

If you’re abroad, you can stay connected with Kogan Mobile’s international roaming plans.

PromoDataTalk & TextCost
1 Day roaming1 GB50 Call minutes
50 Texts
3 Day roaming2 GB100 Call minutes
100 Texts
7 Day roaming5 GB150 Call minutes
150 Texts

Data Pack Add-Ons​

You can add extra data with data add-ons.

3 GB2 Days$5
3 GB7 Days$10

I hope this guide has been informative and helps you make the most of your mobile experience with Kogan. If you have any questions or need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out. Enjoy your mobile connectivity with Kogan!

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