List of Lebara Spain Internet Plans 2024

Lebara Spain is a top mobile network provider that understands the importance of reliable and affordable internet access. They offer many internet plans to suit different needs and preferences. In this article, we’ll explore the internet plans offered by Lebara Spain.

Lebara Spain Internet Plans

Tips: If you’re considering a Lebara Spain mobile plan, it’s important to ensure you have correctly configured your Lebara Spain APN settings. This will help ensure that you have a reliable connection and can take full advantage of the features offered by your desired plan.


Lebara Prepaid Bonds

Lebara Spain Prepaid Bonds are a type of mobile phone plans that offer customers two options: the ‘Talk and Navigate‘ plan and the ‘Your Country‘ plan. These plans provide users with data, national talktime, international talktime, and SMS services.

In addition to the features mentioned earlier, it’s important to note that the Lebara Prepaid Bonds plans, have a validity period of 28 days.

Talk and Navigate

With this plan, you can browse the internet, use mobile apps, and stay connected with your loved ones through calls and text messages. It provides a balanced data usage that allows you to access the online world while also giving you the flexibility to make national and international calls.

All inclusive 56 GBUnlimited National Calls
100 Min Iternational
100 national SMS€5 28 days
All inclusive 1020 + 20 GB FreeUnlimited National Calls
500 Min Iternational
100 national SMS€10 28 days
All inclusive 1550 + 30 GB FreeUnlimited National Calls
1000 Min Iternational
100 national SMS€15 28 days
All inclusive 20100 GBUnlimited National Calls
2000 Min Iternational
100 national SMS€20 28 days
All inclusive 25150 GBUnlimited National Calls
2000 Min Iternational
100 national SMS€30 28 days

Your Country

This plan is ideal for individuals who frequently make calls or send text messages within their own country or to other countries. It ensures that you have ample talktime to stay in touch with your loved ones, regardless of their location.

Latin S75 min to Bolivia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras and Uruguay

1000 min from Lebara to Lebara Spain
€10 28 days
Latin M150 min to Argentina, Paraguay, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic

1000 min from Lebara to Lebara Spain
€10 28 days
Maroc30 min Morocco€5 28 days
Venezuela80 min to Venezuela€5 28 days
Ecuador30 min to Ecuador€5 28 days
Dominican R.45 min to Dominican R.€5 28 days
Bolivian30 min to Bolivia€5 28 days
Ukraine40 minutes to Ukraine€5 28 days
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Lebara SIM+Balance Offer

Request your free SIM

Lebara Spain SIM+Balance Plans give you the freedom to start with the balance of your choice, and they’ll conveniently deliver a free SIM card to your doorstep. Once you have your SIM card, you’re in control. You can decide whether to buy a voucher with a specific amount of credit or pay only for the services you actually use.

SIM + Recharge5Free Universal SIM + €5 balance€5
SIM + Recharge10Free Universal SIM + €10 balance€10
SIM + Recharge15Free Universal SIM + €15 balance€15
SIM + Recharge20Free Universal SIM + €20 balance€20

Stay connected on your own terms with reliable and affordable options in Spain with Lebara.

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