Lycamobile Switzerland: Internet Packages, Bundles with Code

Looking for the perfect Lycamobile Switzerland Bundles? 

This guide explores their internet packages, national bundles, international bundles & and data bundles with USSD code.

Lycamobile is a popular mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) known for its affordable calling and data plans for both residents and travelers.

It offers low-cost, high-quality voice and data services to over 16 million customers across 5 continents. Lyca Mobile continues to grow rapidly, adding a new customer every two seconds.

Lycamobile Switzerland: Internet Packages, Bundles with Code

Note: Remember to configure your Lycamobile Switzerland APN Settings to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted connection.

Lycamobile National Bundles

Here is Lycamobile National Bundles for users in Switzerland.

PromoDataTalk & TextUSSD CodeValidityCost
Unlimited DailyUnlimitedUnlimited National Minutes*139*251#1 DayCHF 2.50
HELLO SWISS LUnlimitedUnlimited Mins to National and EU
Unlimited National SMS
*139*1005#30 DaysCHF 7.25
HELLO SWISS MUnlimitedUnlimited Mins to National and EU
Unlimited National SMS
*139*1002#30 DaysCHF 6.00
HELLO SWISS MAXUnlimitedUnlimited National SMS bundle
Unlimited National Minutes
*139*1007#30 DaysCHF 19.50
HELLO SWISS S10GB500 Mins to National and EU bundle
Unlimited National SMS
*139*1001#30 DaysCHF 5.00
Swiss Young500 MB250 National Min and SMS
250 Lyca to Lyca Minutes and SMS
*139*1006#30 DaysCHF 9.90
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Lycamobile International Bundles

Here is Lycamobile International Bundles for users in Switzerland.

PromoDataTalkUSSD CodeValidityCost
AloTurka S1GBUnlimited National Minutes*139*1012#30 DaysCHF 9.99
AloTurka M3GBUnlimited National Minutes*139*1013#30 DaysCHF 19.99
AloTurka L10GBUnlimited National Minutes*139*1014#30 DaysCHF 24.99
Hello World10GBUnlimited National Minutes*139*1049#30 DaysCHF 19.50
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Lycamobile Data Bundles

Here is Lycamobile Data Bundles for users in Switzerland –

PromoDataUSSD CodeValidityCost
Surf ULUnlimited *139*96490#30 DaysCHF 19.00
Surf M1GB *139*91490#30 DaysCHF 5.90
Surf L2GB *139*92490#30 DaysCHF 9.90
Surf XL5G *139*94490#30 DaysCHF 13.90
Surf Daily SwissUnlimited *139*151#1 DayCHF 1.50
EU DATA M3GB *139*7502#30 DaysCHF 20.00
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Lycamobile Monthly Bundles

PromoDataTalk & TextValidityCost
Lyca Abo 23UnlimitedUnlimited National Mins bundle
Unlimited National SMS
30 DaysCHF 23.00
Lyca Abo 40UnlimitedUnlimited National Mins bundle
Unlimited National SMS
30 DaysCHF 40.00


  1. Validity Period

    If you do not make any calls or SMS within a 3 month period your credit will be frozen.
    If your credit has been frozen you have one month in which to top up again, in which case your old credit will be reinstated. If you do not top up within this period your number will be frozen permanently and you will not be able to use your SIM.

  2. How can I receive texts with Lyca Mobile offers & promotions?

    To receive our offers and promotions, text YES to 3332. You can opt out at anytime by sending STOP to 3332.

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