M1 Plans : Prepaid, Unlimited Data, SIM Only, Mobile, Maxx, Roaming and Social Packs

Curious about M1’s prepaid and postpaid plans, unlimited data options, SIM-only deals, and more?
In this guide, I will discuss about M1’s range of plans, from prepaid and unlimited data to SIM-only, mobile plans, and special packs for roaming and social needs.

M1 Plans : Prepaid, Unlimited Data, SIM Only, Mobile, Maxx, Roaming and Social Packs

M1 is a major telecommunications provider in Singapore. They offer a wide range of mobile services, including international calls, SMS, and data options over various network generations like 3G, 4G, and more. They also provide prepaid mobile services with data plans under the M Card brand and were one of the first in Singapore to offer prepaid 4G services.

Prepaid Data Packs

Whether it’s for a few days, a whole week, or an entire month, M1 has the perfect data plan for you. And if you’re all about social media, check out M1’s Social Packs to stay connected on your favorite apps. It’s as simple as that! Stay in the loop with M1’s Prepaid Data Packs.

3 Days Data Packs

Here are the details, choose your desired one.

100 MB$2
1 GB$5

7 Days Data Packs

Here’s the list of all plans:

500 MB$2
1 GB$7
11 GB$10

30 Days Data Packs

Choose the one you need from all the 30 days packs:

300 MB$5
1 GB$10
4.5 GB$14
15 GB$21
100 GB$28
150 GB$33

Social Packs

M1’s Social Packs are designed to keep you engaged on your favorite platforms. Check the details:

Facebook Plan32 GB30 Days$7
WhatsApp30 GB30 Days$5
We Chat30 GB30 Days$5

Tourist Sim Plans

PromoDataTalk & TextValidityCost
$12 Tourist Sim100 GB Local 500 Mins Local Calls
100 Local SMS
20 Mins International Calls
15 Days$12
$30 Tourist Sim150 GB Local
3GB Roaming
3000 Mins Local Calls
1000 Local SMS
50 Mins International Calls
30 Days$30
$14 Sim100 Local & Roaming1000 Mins Local Calls(30 Days)
500 Local SMS (30 Days)
20 Mins International Calls(30 Days)
120 Days$14
$60 Sim252 Local & Roaming500 Mins Local Outgoing Calls Every 4 Weeks
400 Local SMS Every 4 Weeks
Unlimited Incoming Calls
12 Weeks$60
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SIM Only Plan

Check out the SIM Only plans by M1 here.

Call & Text1,000 Mins + 1,000 SMS
Other BenefitsFree Incoming Calls
Unlimited Free Calls to 3 M1 Numbers
Free Caller ID Subscription
Free Auto-Roaming subscription
Free Unlimited Weekend data for 1st 3 months
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Mobile Add-Ons

Boost your mobile experience with M1’s handy add-ons.

10 GB100 Mins30 Days$5.05
50 GB10 Mins30 Days$10.10
150 GB10,000 Mins30 Days$25.24
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M1 Maxx Plan

Introducing the M1 Maxx Plan – your ultimate mobile phone solution packed with a host of features designed to keep you connected seamlessly. With this plan, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits, including:

  • Local Data, Calls & Texts.
  • Roaming Data: Experience worry-free travel to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Bangladesh with access to roaming data.
  • Unlimited Incoming Calls: Stay connected with unlimited incoming calls, so you never miss an important conversation.
  • Auto-Renewal: Your plan automatically renews every 30 days.
  • Free Caller Number Display: Know who’s calling you before you even answer, at no additional cost.
  • Free SIM Card & Delivery: Get started with ease as we provide a complimentary SIM card. Please note that delivery may be slightly delayed during public holidays.
DataCall & TextRoaming
150 GB500 Mins + 50 SMS2 GB
200 GBUnlimited Calls + 50 SMS3 GB
10 GB300 Mins + 300 SMSn/a
To avail the plans, visit the dedicated webpage.

I hope you found the information helpful! If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask.

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