Mobily Internet Packages & Offers with Codes : Prepaid, Postpaid, Unlimited

Looking for the best internet packages and offer from Mobily?
Explore Prepaid, Postpaid, Unlimited Internet plans & bundles from Mobily with this article.

Mobily, a top Saudi telecom provider, offers both mobile and internet plans for all needs. From basic calls to endless data, they have options for individuals and businesses, prepaid or postpaid. With wide 4G and 5G coverage, you’ll stay connected across the country.

Mobily Internet Packages & Offers with Codes : Prepaid, Postpaid, Unlimited

Tips: Ensure your Mobily APN Settings are configured correctly to enjoy a smooth connection.

Mobily Prepaid Plan

Check out the table below, which outlines all the available Prepaid Plans provided by Mobily.

PromoDataSocial DataMinutesCostValidity
Prepaid 301GB1GB100 Min30 SAR4 Week
Prepaid 755+5GB5+5GB500 Min75 SAR4 Week
Prepaid 11010+20GB15+15GB1500 Min110 SAR4 Week
Prepaid 15020+39GBUnlimited 3000 Min150 SAR4 Week
Prepaid 18050+29GBUnlimitedUnlimited180 SAR4 Week
Prepaid 220100GBUnlimitedUnlimited220SAR4 Week
Prepaid 360Unlimited DataUnlimitedUnlimited360 SAR4 Week
Prepaid Weekly2GB2GB100 Min25 SARPer Week
Prepaid DailyUnlimited DataUnlimited50 Min20 SARPer Day
Prepaid e-SIM 220100GBUnlimitedUnlimited115 SAR4 Week
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Mobily Data Prepaid Plan

Check out the table below, which outlines all the available Data Prepaid Plans provided by Mobily.

Prepaid 1010GB90 Day200 SAR
Prepaid 2020GB90 Day260 SAR
Prepaid 5050GB60 Day250 SAR
Prepaid 100100GB90 Day375 SAR
Prepaid 300300GB90 Day525 SAR
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Mobily Data Bundles

See all the Data Bundles presented in the table below for a clear understanding of the options available.

15 Days

Data ValidityCostRenewStop Auto Renewal
150MB15 DaysSR 5.7575000750
500MB 15 DaysSR 17.2551005102

30 Days

Data CostRenewStop Auto Renewal
1GB SR 34.561006102
2GBSR 57.572007202
5GB SR 86.2573007302
20GB + 50 Gb SocialSR155.2563006302
100GB SR 18470807082

60 Days

DataCostRenewStop Auto Renewal
50+25 GBSR 241.570907092

90 Days

DataCostRenewStop Auto Renewal
20GBSR 25382008202
50GBSR 29980708072
100+120GB SocialSR 36880808082
300GBSR 517.5300N/A

180 Days

DataCostRenewStop Auto Renewal
600GBSR 1035606N/A
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Mobily Postpaid Plan

Take a look at the following table that lists all the available Postpaid Plans offered by Mobily.

PromoDataTalk & TextCost
Postpaid 503 GB300 Min
50 SMS
57.5 SAR
Postpaid 100 20 GB1500 Min
100 SMS
115 SAR
Postpaid 20097 GB (Unlimited Social)Unlimited Min230 SAR
Postpaid 300150 GB (Unlimited Social)Unlimited Min345 SAR
Postpaid 400Unlimited DataUnlimited Min460 SAR
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Mobily Data Postpaid Plan

  • Postpaid 100GB
  • Cost:184 SAR
  • Validity: 1 Month
  • Postpaid Unlimited
  • Cost: 373.75 SAR
  • Validity: 1 Month
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Mobily RAQI Packages

  • Unlimited Local Data/Minutes
  • Unlimited Roaming Data
  • 200 International minutes 
  • Smart Phone  up to 7200 SAR

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few FAQs about Mobily and their services:

  • How to check Mobily data balance?

    There are three ways to check your Mobily data/internet balance:1. Through Mobily App & My Mobily Online:👉Download and install the Mobily app on your smartphone or visit My Mobily on the web.👉Log in using your Mobily account credentials.👉Your data balance will be displayed on the app’s homepage or within the “Account” section.2. Via SMS:👉Type ‘1411’ and send the message to 1100.👉You’ll receive a reply SMS with your remaining data balance.3. Via USSD:👉Dial *1411# and your data balance will be displayed on your phone’s screen.

  • How to check Mobily offer via code?

    Dial *6060# or call 1100 & press 1 to enjoy the best daily offer for you!

I hope, this article helped you to find your desired data plan from Mobily. For more queries, please comment below.

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