NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband: Internet Deals and Free Internet Codes 2023

NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband: Internet Deals and Free Internet Codes

Welcome to the world of NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband, a popular choice for millions of customers worldwide. NetZero has gained a huge following with over a million satisfied users who rely on its internet and calling services. NetZero started back in 1990, primarily offering reliable calling services. Over time, they expanded their offerings to include internet services, capturing the hearts of even more users. In this article, we’ll explore the realm of NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband, showcasing its internet deals and free codes that provide seamless connectivity and impressive savings. Let’s delve into the world of NetZero and discover how they ensure you stay connected.

Tips: Don’t forget to configure your NetZero APN Settings for uninterrupted network connection.

NetZero Internet Deals

NetZero 4G Internet Deals

NetZero is an Internet Service Provider that covers the entire country, serving over 8,000 cities in North America. They provide different types of Internet services, including Dialup, DSL, and Mobile Broadband. One of their offerings is NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband, which gives you fast and secure Internet access on the go. You can use it with your laptop, iPad, netbook, or tablet in more than 80 cities throughout the United States. With a NetZero 4G device, you can create your own personal hotspot and stay connected wherever you are.

Basic 4G Broadband500MB monthly data$17.95/mo
Plus 4G Broadband1GB monthly data$27.45/mo
Pro 4G Broadband2GB monthly data$42.95/mo
Platinum 4G Broadband4GB monthly data$63.95/mo
Platinum Plus6GB monthly data$89.95/mo

Other features:

  • Up to 10 Mbps Download Speed
  • Up to 1.5 Mbps Upload Speed
  • Free email addresses
  • Require the purchase of a NetZero Mobile Broadband device
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How to Get FREE NetZero Internet Data

How to Get FREE NetZero Internet Data

Netzero, a company established in 1990, has experienced significant growth, now serving millions of users as of 2022. They have introduced new internet packages for both prepaid and postpaid customers, which can be accessed by dialing *#009##. By recharging the required amount, customers can activate these packages, as a list of all available Netzero internet packages will appear on their screens.

Netzero also provides free packages for popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, which remain valid for 30 days. Using Netzero’s own social app, customers can enjoy unlimited Facebook usage through a free data plan. Within the permitted social apps, customers can freely share pictures, videos, and even send documents.

Occasionally, the company offers promotions with free and unlimited data as well as free international calls. The prices of the social and internet packages range from $1 to $900. If you have recently obtained a new prepaid or postpaid SIM card, you can enjoy data and calls on all networks worldwide.

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NetZero Free Internet Codes

NetZero Free Interet Codes

You can enter these codes and dial them even if you don’t have any balance to access unlimited free internet. These plans are completely free and can be used for durations of 1 day, 7 days, and 30 days. Additionally, there are special packages, offers, and plans that provide free data for 3 months or 2 months.

Internet PackageActivation Code
FREE Netzero 50 GB InternetDial *123#
FREE Unlimited 100 GB InternetDial *#009##
Netzero FREE Prepaid Internet 10 GBDial *123#
Unlimited Internet on Hotspot*Buy a new 4G broadband device
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Get Prepaid Free Data with New NetZero Prepaid Connection

Get Prepaid Free Data with New NetZero Prepaid Connection

Many networks provide good connections and services to their customers. Netzero, too, offers something special to new customers who buy a prepaid connection. When you get a new number or SIM, Netzero gives you free internet, calls, and international calls for one month. You can use this free internet for browsing, using Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Additionally, new customers can enjoy a 50% discount for three months. To check how much prepaid data and voice calls you have left, simply dial *123#. It’s an easy way to keep track of your usage.

Offer TypeNew Prepaid Connection
Internet10 GB+
Validity30 Days

To get, Dial *123# or call at 789.

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Netzero FREE TV Channels Through the app

You have the opportunity to receive a special gift offer from NetZero, which includes free data and callings. Simply dial *123# or call 789 to access this NetZero gift plan, available for all prepaid and postpaid SIMs, including Hotspot and Wi-Fi devices. Additionally, NetZero offers free TV channels that you can enjoy with your network SIM. To access these channels, dial *123# or choose the free promos. Once selected, you can opt for the zero-cost free TV offer. To watch the free TV channels, download and install the official app provided by NetZero. Start enjoying the perks of these exciting offers today.

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NetZero Coverage Cities

Here’s the list that includes all the cities that are covered by NetZero network.

  • Abilene, TX
  • Amarillo, TX
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Austin, TX
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Bellevue, WA
  • Bellingham, WA
  • Boston, MA
  • Bridgeport, CT
  • Camden, NJ
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Cincinnati, OH
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Columbus, OH
  • Corpus Christi, TX
  • Dallas, TX
  • Denver, CO
  • Eugene, OR
  • Everett, WA
  • Fort Collins, CO
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Greensboro, NC
  • Hartford, CT
  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Hoboken, NJ
  • Houston, TX
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Kansas City, KS
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Kennewick, WA
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Lubbock, TX
  • Miami, FL
  • Midland, TX
  • Modesto, CA
  • Nashville, TN
  • New Brunswick, NJ
  • New Haven, CT
  • New York, NY
  • Odessa, TX
  • Orlando, FL
  • Pasco, WA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Portland, OR
  • Providence, RI
  • Raleigh, NC
  • Reading, PA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Rochester, NY
  • Sacramento, CA
  • Saint Louis, MO
  • Saint Paul, MN
  • Salem, OR
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • San Antonio, TX
  • San Francisco, CA
  • San Jose, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • Stockton, CA
  • Syracuse, NY
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Tampa, FL
  • Trenton, NJ
  • Visalia, CA
  • Waco, TX
  • Wichita Falls, TX
  • Wilmington, DE
  • Yakima, WA
  • York, PA


In conclusion, NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband offers a convenient and reliable internet solution for users across various locations. With its range of internet deals and free internet codes, customers can enjoy seamless connectivity and access to online services. Whether you’re a new customer looking for affordable plans or an existing user seeking additional data, NetZero provides options to suit different needs. By leveraging their 4G network, NetZero ensures fast and secure internet access on laptops, tablets, and other compatible devices.

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