Yes Prepaid and Postpaid Plans and Offers 2024

Are you searching for a mobile phone plan that’s simple, affordable, and keeps you connected? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the world of Yes Prepaid and Postpaid Plans, offered by Yes, a leading mobile network operator in Malaysia.

Yes Prepaid and Postpaid Plans

If you prefer a prepaid plan where you pay in advance or a postpaid plan where you pay at the end of the month, Yes has all types of plans. These plans offer exciting features such as unlimited data, fast internet speeds, unlimited calls, and the option to share your internet with other devices through a hotspot.

Tips: Don’t forget to properly configure your Yes APN settings to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted mobile data connection.

Yes Postpaid Plans

Yes Postpaid Plan gives you five different choices: Power 35, Infinite Basic, Infinite Standard, Infinite Premium, and Infinite Ultra. Each choice comes with its own special things to make you happy.

Yes Postpaid Plans

With Yes Postpaid Plan, you can enjoy super-fast internet speed without any limits. You can also add another line to your plan, so you can share it with your family or friends.

If you need to connect your other devices, like your laptop or tablet, to the internet, you can use the hotspot feature. It lets you use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can get online wherever you are.

And don’t worry about running out of minutes or text messages, because with Yes Postpaid Plan, you get unlimited calls and texts. You can talk to your friends or send messages as much as you want, without any restrictions.

Power 35100GB data (5G + 4G)Mobile hotspot shared from data allocatedUnlimited callsRM35/mth
Infinite Basic20GB mobile hotspotUNLIMITED 5G + 4GUnlimited callsRM58/mth
Infinite Standard50GB mobile hotspotUNLIMITED 5G + 4GUnlimited callsRM88/mth
Infinite Premium80GB mobile hotspotUNLIMITED 5G + 4GUnlimited callsRM118/mth
Infinite Ultra110GB mobile hotspotUNLIMITED 5G + 4GUnlimited callsRM178/mth
To purchase, visit the official website.
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Yes Prepaid Plan

Yes Prepaid Plan

Yes prepaid plan gives you unlimited data with super-fast speeds. You can browse, stream, and download without any limits. It also allows you to make unlimited calls.

The plan comes with hotspot sharing, which means you can use your phone’s internet to connect other devices like laptops or tablets.

With Yes Prepaid Plan, you also get the latest technology with 5G and 4G networks.

DataUnlimited 5G* + 4G**
Validity30 days
Hotspot12GB Hotspot shared 5G/4G with uncapped speed
To purchase, visit the official website.
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Yes SIM Balance Check Code

Balance Check: To check your main account balance on your Yes SIM card, dial *126#. This number will provide you with the information about your current credit balance.

Data Usage Check: To know your Yes SIM data usage, dial *200#. This number will give you detailed insights into how much data you have consumed.

I hope, you found the perfect plan for you from this article.

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