Mobile Virtual Network Operator Type and Value (MVNO) in APN Settings

A Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or MVNO, is a telecommunications company that offers mobile services to consumers without owning the underlying network infrastructure. Instead, MVNOs lease access rom major Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and provide their branded services to customers. MVNOs have gained popularity for their diverse service offerings and competitive pricing.

What is MVNO Type in APN Settings?

In the context of APN settings, MVNO Type refers to the criteria used to identify subscribers or devices on an MVNO’s network. It determines which subscribers are authorized to access the MVNO’s services. Common MVNO Types include None, SPN (Service Provider Name), IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity), and GID (Group Identifier Level 1).

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What is MVNO Value in APN Settings?

MVNO Value, still within the realm of APN settings, represents the specific value associated with the chosen MVNO Type. It serves as the matching criterion for authenticating subscribers or devices on the network. MVNO Values may vary based on the selected MVNO Type and are essential for ensuring secure and authorized access to the MVNO’s services.

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Common MVNO Types and Values

Here are some common examples of MVNO Types and their corresponding Values:

MVNO TypeMVNO ValueDescription
NoneNoneSubscribers can access the MVNO’s network without any specific identification criteria. This type is often used by open access MVNOs.
SPN (Service Provider Name)The name of the MVNO or service providerSubscribers are identified based on the Service Provider Name associated with the MVNO. This type ensures that only subscribers of a particular MVNO can access its services.
IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity)The IMSI of the SIM cardSubscribers are identified by the unique International Mobile Subscriber Identity stored on their SIM cards. This type allows for precise identification of subscribers.
GID (Group Identifier)A Group Identifier valueGID MVNOs use a Group Identifier to grant access to specific groups of subscribers. This type is commonly employed by corporate or enterprise MVNOs with specialized access requirements.

These common MVNO Types and Values demonstrate the diversity of identification criteria that MVNOs use to ensure secure and tailored access to their networks.

Mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) type and value are compatible for all mobile brand including Samsung, Oppo and all sim providers including Jio, Aritel, Vi, Dito, MTN.

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